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The journal Law Review aims to publish, in electronic form only, articles, studies, comments, etc. drafted in English by Romanian and foreign authors, that of a Romanian and foreign legal doctrine publication, which promotes the case law of national and European courts (the Court of Justice of the European Union, the European Union Court and the European Court of Human Rights).

The journal Law Review will include columns such as: “Studies, Discussions, Comments”; “Comparative Law. European Union Law. International Law”; “Doctrine – Foreign Authors”; “Romanian and Foreign Case Law” a.o.

The editorial team kindly asks Romanian and foreign authors to comply with our requirements regarding the structure of articles, which should include a summary, keywords, an introduction, sections with individual titles, conclusions, and, if applicable, de lege ferenda proposals, and, at the end, the section „references” which should include, listed alphabetically, the works employed by the authors in drafting their article, as well as other works, which were not necessarily employed in the article, but are related to the topic in question.




Volume VI, special issue, posted at 20th of December 2016



Assesment of judicial capacity

The impact of moral (psychological) harassment at work on romanian workers’ right to dignity and integrity

Isabela Delia POPA

Radu Razvan POPESCU

The legal transaction – an efficient solution for dispute settlement

Vlad Dan OANEA

Promoting and protecting employees’ rights and the employer obligations in the domain of work relations provided in special laws



The influence of human rights on law

The legal, political and economic implications of the brexit

Anca Ioana IANCU

Gheorghe IANCU

Business responsibility in respecting, protecting and promoting human rights


The right to education - a sine qua non condition in the training of respect for the Law

Candidate Elena Roxana VISAN

Gender mainstreaming and work-life balance

Isabela Delia POPA

Valentina Lidia LUPU

Added value of the eu charter of fundamental rights to other human rights instruments

Marcela Monica STOICA


Migration and the law

Considerations on the Legal nature and validity of the eu-turkey refugee deal


Fundamental rights and freedoms, a possible triggering factor of rethinking the Law in the context of new migration crisis in Europe

Ioana Cristina VIda

Current challenges of migration on national and European level


Aspects of the protection of migrant children’s rights in the European Union Law


Free access to non-litigations procedures for asylum seekers


Legal protection of refugees in public international Law

Petru Emanuel ZLATESCU

Relocation of asylum – seekers in the European Union

Alexandra BUCUR

Analysis of legislative changes concerning the registration of immigrants in Germany

Associated Professor Ph.D. Madalina COCOSATU


Challenges in monitoring and evaluation of public administration

Receiving and solving public interest disclosures: legal nature and responsibilities in managing them


PhD. candidate Iuliana COSPANARU

The role and the importance of audience in the public institutions. Study case: the institution of prefect of bihor county

Claudia-Simona TIMOFTE

Perspectives for developing the civil services in Romania. Vision on the new development strategy


The checks and balance of the State Branches in Romania. An administrative assessment



Urbanism: perspectives and impediments

Brief considerations on urban politics from a conceptual approach

Sonia Andreea STOICA

Specific sanctions of European urban planning Law


About three administrative procedure rules from a human rights perspective

Elena-Mihaela FODOR