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Cristinel GHIGHECI

Abstract: The academic field is one that raises many ethical challenges and needs a different approach in this regard. Being an activity field with many particularities, with diversified human relations, with the involvement of a large number of people and with often divergent interests between them, the academic field needs an ethical approach. To better understand the concept of ethics, one should start from the etymology of this word. The definitions of ethics are much more numerous and each one emphasizes one or more aspects considered as defining for it. As a common element of these definitions, one can remember first of all that ethics is about human behaviour. The law and the regulations cannot cover the vastness of these interhuman relations and they manage to solve the multitude of problems that may arise in the relations between teachers, in the relations between students or in the relations between teachers and students. No matter how well the codes of ethics are developed, they will not be able to regulate all of the issues raised by the academic life. That is why greater emphasis should be placed on making each person aware of the importance of acquiring an ethical way of being and behaving in society. The human factor is the one that can ensure the smooth running of the activity in the academic environment.