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Promoting and protecting employees’ rights and the employer obligations in the domain of work relations provided in special laws



Promoting and protecting the employees’ rights represents a continuous concern, not only for the Parliament, but also for the doctrine and for all of us.
This research looks to introduce these obligations and to present, in particular, the criteria to which the employer needs to comply fully and properly in such a manner that the employees’ rights to work are respected. This obligation of the employers is derived from the employees’ right to work.
With this obligation, the employers ensure the full knowledge of the vacancies to any interested person and also it is ensured an access to vacancies for the possible employees. Furthermore, according to article 8 from the Labour Code, the employment relationships shall be based on the principle of consent and good faith. The participants to the employment relationships, for the proper development of such relationships, shall inform and consult each other, under the terms of the laws and collective labour agreements.