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The European Union Climate Neutrality and Climate Migrants

Claudia Elena MARINICĂ

Climate change, the European Union's goal of achieving climate neutrality by 2050 and climate migrants are some concepts discussed and detailed in this article, starting with the climate change facing the entire planet, continuing with European Union's urgent need to take steps to achieve climate neutrality by 2050 so that we can finally address the category of climate migrants, another daunting challenge in the fight to stabilize the situation of migrants worldwide. To achieve the proposed objective, the research mainly followed the legislative measures adopted at international level, emphasizing the measures proposed within the European Union, but also the specialized literature, using at the same time a series of statistical data to highlight the immediate and future effects of climate change, identifying the most diverse challenges and answer/solutions that should be provided in the near future. We are certain that climate policy has played and will keep on playing a particularly important role in the policy of the European Union, but also of each nation state, we appreciate that it is difficult to determine whether the European Union is heading toward 2050 slowly but surely, establishing measures suitable for attaining climate neutrality or, in contrast, we are witnessing a series of measures that support the fight against climate change but are not enough to ensure climate neutrality and are powerless against stopping the phenomenon of climate migration, which, in our opinion will become more and more visible.