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The Impact Of Brexit On A Series Of European Union Institutional Actors

Claudia Elena MARINICĂ

The recent European Union 27 extension of the article 50 TEU (”Brexit flextension”) adopted at the end of October 2019 effective the 31st of January 2020, has the potential to affect both the UK and EU institutional actors. For some of them, such as the Court of Justice of the EU, the after effect of Brexit on the Court, as an EU institutional actor, will lead to the discovery of the fact that a series of fundamental legal changes will affect this relationship and, obviously, the UK citizens and others who are living there. This article highlights some aspects regarding the relationship between the two parts starting with the 31st of January 2020, meaning the transition period and afterwards the impact of CJEU case law and judgements. The Withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the EU calls into question the activity of the institutional actors of the Union, including the CJEU on which we will focus in this article and how this will change both the UK and EU economic and political climate, but one of the most important effects we appreciate it will be the economic impact. It is hard to only conclude this or whether this relationship will have some positive results or, on the contrary, it translates to the beginning of some legal uncertainties and problems for the citizens (e.g. mobility, citizenship, immigration policies), not only during any transitional period but also in the long term or not at all if there will be a no-deal Brexit.