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The Implementation of the International and European Union Legal System Into National Regulations, in the Context of Globalisation


Monna-Lisa Belu Magdo

The following study aims to asses and present the role of the United Nations Organization, the Council of Europe and the European Union, the legal provisions issued by these institutions, as well as the mechanism they posses in order to enforce these provisions, within the development of global and regional law. The present study specifically reffers to the transposition of the international private law and the European Union law into the national regulations and legal systems, the manner in which the implementation is achieved and the relation between the international and the national law. The integration is to be analyzed in reference to the nonregulatory, nonmandatory mechanisms, but also in refference to the national law system, considering the ratification of the treaties by the national legislators. The specificity of the implementation of the European Union law into national provisions is to receive special attention and focus, as the European law prevails over the national law and in relation to the national Constitution, as a mark of the national independence.