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The Right to a Healthy Environment

Monica Loredana Dumitriu

The aim is to consider the special position the right to a healthy environment enjoys in the system of human rights. The main results focus on emphasising the recognition of the right to a healthy environment as a fundamental human right. The methodology consists of documenting and analysing the papers, the case-law and the relevant legislative framework in the field of environmental protection and sustainable development. The conclusions expand the fact that the right to a healthy environment is the “fundamental right” encompassing the following rights: the right to live in an unpolluted and not degraded environment; the right to good health, not impacted by environmental degradation; the right to access to appropriate water and food resources; the right to a healthy work environment; the right to housing, land use and living in a healthy environment; the right not to be expropriated as a result of carrying out activities in the environment, except in justified circumstances, and the right of those expropriated, as provided by law, to obtain appropriate repairs; the right to assistance in the event of natural and man-made disasters; the right to benefit from the sustainable use of nature and its resources; the right to preserve the representative elements of nature.