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The Right To Happiness Of Citizens And The Improvement Of The Quality Of Urban Life


Claudia Elena MARINICĂ

In recent years, we have seen a growing interest in the happiness and well-being of people from international organizations (especially the United Nations, which this year celebrates its 75th anniversary), regional organizations, but also each individual state, starting from the premise of creating a new right, the right to happiness of people and, implicitly, of citizens, although we are aware that happiness does not have the same content everywhere and that its perception depends on many objective and subjective factors. In this article we have tried to identify a series of measures and projects adopted to ensure and respect the right to happiness, in order to improve the standard of living in cities, standard of living that directly influences the happiness of citizens, following the emergence and evolution of the concept of smart cities. These projects help to shape public policies that must promote the well-being of citizens, their happiness, greater transparency in the provision of people services and, last but not least, adequate security. The conclusions drawn at the end of this article show that the relationship between smart cities and happy cities, although a directly proportional relationship that provides concrete evidence of citizens 'happiness and a more sustainable and, why not more humane, future does not permanently result in citizens' happiness.